1 FIRST CME 60 56 12-06-2018 PROD1
2 FIRST CIVIL 60 56 12-06-2018 PROD1
3 FIRST ECE 60 54 12-06-2018 PROD1
4 FIRST ECE 60 46 12-06-2018 PROD2
5 FIRST EEE 60 59 12-06-2018 PROD1
6 FIRST EEE 60 60 12-06-2018 PROD2
7 FIRST MECH 120 120 12-06-2018 PROD1
8 FIRST MECH 60 56 12-06-2018 PROD2


ADMISSION PROCEDURE                                            :

1.0    Information on admission:

1.1    Government, private aided and unaided polytechnics/ institutions and polytechnics run in engineering colleges for the academic year 2018-2019

1.2      The application submitted for POLYCET-2018 itself is an application for admission under both local and non-local categories. Hence the candidates are advised to fill the POLYCET-2018 application form carefully. (No separate application is prescribed for admission.)

1.3      The results of POLYCET-2018 are likely to be available with the Principals of all Polytechnics by end of May-2018. Candidates can ascertain their rank from any Polytechnic located in the district from where the candidate has appeared for POLYCET-2018 or through website of SBTET ( The list of Polytechnics/Institutions and the course offered together with intake in each of these courses are given in Annexure – III.

1.4      Securing rank at POLYCET-2018 does not entitle any right for the candidate to be considered for admission unless he/she satisfies all other conditions prescribed for the purpose.

1.5      Call letters to attend the admission camp will not be sent.

1.6      Hall Ticket of POLYCET- 2018 is to be preserved and produced at the time of Admission

1.7    The detailed program of admission will be notified in the leading newspapers, after the declaration of the results. Program of Admission will also be available in all the Polytechnics. Candidates are advised to watch for the same. Admission Notification itself is to be treated as a call letter.

2.0      Allotment of Seats

For the purpose of admissions, institutions offering diploma programmes are classified into regional institutions, state-wide institutions.

2.1    85% of the available seats in each regional institution [Government / Aided Polytechnic/ Institution] shall be filled by candidates belonging to the respective University area of the two University areas namely (1) Andhra University Area, (2) Sri Venkateswara University Area. The remaining 15% unreserved seats shall be made available to Local candidates of both A.P. & T.S. and non-local candidates in A.P. & T.S. depending upon their ranking at POLYCET-2018. However, candidates who wish to opt 15% unreserved seats in AP from Telangana state, those candidates shall appear POLYCET 2018 conducted by Andhra Pradesh.


2.2      85% of the seats in each State-wide institution/course shall be filled by Candidates belonging to the three University areas namely (1) Andhra University Area, (2) Osmania University Area and

  • Sri Venkateswara University Area in the ratio of 42:36:22 respectively and the balance 15% seats as un-reserved.

2.3      Admissions into Private, unaided, Minority Polytechnics are subject to issue of Government orders.

2.4      Candidates may note that those admitted in the following State Wide Institutions are eligible for Multi-Point Entry and Credit System (MPEC).

  1. Institute of Printing Technology, Secunderabad.
  2. Institute of Leather Technology, Hyderabad.
  3. Institute of Ceramic Technology, Gudur, Nellore Dist.
  4. Institute of Textile Technology, Guntur.

Institute of Electronics, Secunderabad.

Candidates who qualified in POLYCET–2018 and have passed 10 + 2, 10 + ITI, 10 + Intermediate (Vocational) or 3-year Degree Courses in Sciences are eligible for Multi Point Entry and Credit System (MPEC). Such of these candidates shall get certain credits for certain subjects by means of exemption, as decided by an expert committee, as they have already studied in 10 + 2, 10 + ITI, 10 + Intermediate (Vocational) and 3-Year Degree Course in Sciences, as the case may be, by opting for extra credits, a student can finish the Diploma earlier than the stipulated period.

2.5      Hostel accommodation is not guaranteed in any Institution.

3.0    Reservation of Seats:

3.1    Reservation of seats in favour of SC/ST/BC (A, B, C, D, E) Candidates shall be made in non-minority institutions as per the following percentages.

OPEN COMPETITION-50%, SC – 15 % , ST – 6 % , BC – 29% (BC ‘A’ – 7%, BC ‘B’ – 10%, BC ‘C’ – 1%, BC ‘D’ – 7%,BC ‘E’-4%)

The list of various communities of SC/ST/BC approved by Government of Andhra Pradesh is given in Annexure-IV.

3.2    For  Residential  Polytechnics  at  Madanapalle,  Rajahmundry  (Andhra  Pradesh),  Gajwel  and Karimnagar for girls (Telangana), the reservations are:

S.C. – 75% S.T. – 05%              B.C.- 10%                   O.C. – 10%

All the seats are reserved for BOYS ONLY Except Karimnagar.

3.3    For Residential Polytechnics at Paderu, Srisailam and Yetapaka near Bhadrachalam (AP) the

reservations are:
S.C. – 18%   S.T. – 75% B.C. – 05% O.C. – 02%
All the seats are reserved for BOYS ONLY


3.4    For Government Minority Polytechnics at Kurnool, Guntur (A.P) and Badangpet Hydearabad (women) (Telangana) all the seats are reserved for minority candidates.

Candidates claiming to be considered under Minority Community should submit Xerox Copy of school leaving certificate issued by concerned Head of Institution to that effect at the time of counseling or submit Transfer Certificate proof containing the religion column.

3.5    33.33% of total seats in all non-minority Co-Educational institutions are reserved for girl candidates in each reservation category. If sufficient numbers of candidates are not available to fill the seats reserved for girls, they will be offered to the boys of the same category.

3.6    Reservation for Anglo Indians: Two (2) seats are reserved in polytechnics in favour of the candidates belonging to the Anglo Indian community from the academic year 1994-95 onwards vide G.O.Ms. No. 173 Edn (TE-1) Dept. dated 15-6-1994. Candidates claiming reservation in Anglo Indian Community shall produce a community certificate issued by Revenue official not below the rank of Deputy Tahasildar of their place of residence.

3.7    Reservation of seats for NCC, Sports and Games, Physically Challenged (Handicapped) and Children of Armed Personnel

Horizontal reservation in each of the reservation category Open/SC/ST/BC to the extent of percentages mentioned is applicable.

  1. NCC (National Cadet Corps) 

Reservation to the extent of 1% shall be available for candidates of this category. The priority for consideration will be as per GO.Ms.No.21 HE (TE-1) Dept., Dt.13-05-2002[Refer Annexure VIII].

  1. SPORTS:

Reservation to the extent of 0.5% (½%) shall be available for candidates of this category. Certificates issued by various organizations constituted by Central / State Government to conduct the event will alone are considered under this category. The participation in games and Sports before the qualifying Examinations will only be considered. The priority under this Category will be fixed as per the rules in vogue at the time of admissions. [Refer Annexure VIII].

  1. Physically Handicapped (PH):

Reservation to the extent of 3% for Physically Handicapped 1% for Visually Handicaped,1% for hearing impaired, and 1% for Orthopedically Handicapped shall be available as per G.O.Ms.No.130, Higher Education (TEI) Department, Dated: 06 09 2000.However candidates with defects like Muscular dystrophy, Deaf and Dum, Blindness and mentally retardation are not eligible for admission.[Refer Annexure VIII].

  1. Children of Armed Personnel (CAP):

Reservation to the extent of 2% of the seats shall be available for the children of ex-servicemen and defence personnel including Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police [Refer Annexure VIII].

Subject to the condition that

  1. Candidates whose parents are domicile of Andhra Pradesh will alone be considered as per the judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh in W.P.NO.17095,

17950,17952,19150 and others of 2006

  1. The candidate shall also submit a certificate from the Director, Sainik Welfare Board / Zilla Sainik Welfare Board as to their eligibility to be considered under this quota specifying the category to which the applicant belongs with attested copies of the documentary evidence for claim as given in Annexure – IX.
  • The decision of A.P. Sainik Board or its nominee is final and binding on the Candidates in this regard.

The order of priority and merit under this category is governed by G.O.Ms.No.192, Edn.(EC-2) Dept., dated 26-8-94 and as amended by G.O.Ms.No.370, Edn.(EC-2) Dept., dated 18-10-1994 (See Annexure-IX).If there is more than one eligible candidate in a particular priority in any of the above four special reservation categories, the selection shall be based on the merit rank at POLYCET-2018.

Inter conversion of seats among the special reservation categories is not applicable. If sufficient numbers of candidates are available to fill the seats reserved for special reservation category, they shall be filled with candidates of general pool of that reservation category.